The Good Bad Mother (DVD) Review

The Good Bad Mother is a slap-dash drama that follows mom and son. The show attracted the attention to a large number of Southeast Asian viewers. Netflix reports show it to be the second most popular series among viewers in Hong Kong and Malaysia, after Doctor Cha.
Theory of mind (ToM) is a process that develops slowly, with intuitive social skills appearing in infancy. In toddlers and preschool children, reflective ToM is developed.
An unfortunate accident has left an ambitious prosecutor with the mentality of a toddler
A pig farmer rears her son harshly to steer him from living a life filled with poverty, just like her. The young man develops into an accomplished lawyer, however there is a lack of affection for his mother. When an accident forces him to return home and the two embark on a mission to repair their relations.
This series is captivating in so many different ways. you can see the deeper pig symbol however, there’s also how it focuses on human relations and how perspective can get obscured by our personal struggles. The writing is also phenomenal The characters here aren’t reduced to the standard K-drama archetypes.
This story is about complicated relationships between mother and child. This is a dramatic story which makes you question what motivates people to behave in the manner they do. The show will make you appreciate the value of family and the importance of loving. This is a drama that every person should see.
Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran) is a strict and stern mother who is determined to see her son succeed.
Young Soon began pig farming following her husband’s passing. The mother of her children was terrible because she did all she could in order to ensure she was able to ensure that her child Choi Kang Ho, played by Lee Do Hyun, would be successful. She pushed him hard to help him become an acclaimed prosecutor. In the event of an accident that causes him to develop the cognitive abilities of a 7-year-old, he returns to his former self. He is in need of her assistance.
The 14-episode dramedy was directed by Shim Na Yeon (Beyond Evil) and written by Bae So Young (Extreme Job). Ra Mi Ran was drawn to the script because she would like to face the responsibility of expressing a lifetime of emotions.
Lee Do Hyun chose to appear in the drama as he also wanted to take part in the tale of an ambitious prosecutor’s relationship to his mother. Lee Do Hyun and Kim Jung-woo bring a strong onscreen pairing to the table while they explore each other’s lives and struggle to reconcile their conflicted relationships.
รีวิว 18 again
When Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun) loses his memory the actor reverts to his younger self.
The relationship that exists between the two characters of Ra Mi Run and Lee Do Hyun is definitely out of the ordinary in this drama. Their relationship is especially funny, as Kang Ho loses his memory and reverts back to his 7-year-old persona.
It’s honest, heartfelt and unafraid of tackling difficult family dynamics. The writing style is unique And no character gets a place in the traditional K-drama archetypes.
In episode 10, they share an emotional moment as he embraces Mi Joo and reminds her of the moments. Kang Ho also helps Mi Joo out when a man walks her to the nail salon, shielding her from harm, and possibly saving her life in front of the vehicle to save her. The drama is based on the success of its debut and is already one of the top shows to watch in 2023. You must see this!

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