Greek Gods of Love

The power of love is able to cause joy or sorrow to the heart of Gods as well as humans. This is why the gods with wings of love play such an important role in Greek mythology.

Eros is often a symbol of romantic love in the present. However, as the father of Aphrodite and Ares the god of love, he had plenty to share with the world of the love of.


The goddess of love, Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love, beauty joy, fertility and pleasure. Aphrodite was born to Zeus and Leto as the daughter of Ares as well as Hephaestus. Aphrodite is the goddess of the springtime, flowers, youthfulness, and the sea. Her diverse forms often depict beautiful, naked women. She is also a protector of marriage and love as seen in numerous artworks, stories, and sculptures, including Eros, her lover.

Aphrodite is one of the Greek goddess who fell in love only to be sucked she is released with mortals and gods. Aphrodite’s meddling in love has led to chaos and warfare like in the Trojan War or Paris and Helen. The reason she interferes with love is that she believes that every person deserves to be happy.

This goddess is closely tied in the region of Cyprus The island of Cyprus was especially revered at Paphos. This association suggests that she was the god that is associated with fertility. She could have evolved from a Phoenician fertility goddess, Astarte (or Ishtar) or from the Near Eastern goddess Inanna (Ishtar). There is a belief that she is connected to the moon and appears to carry it.

It is believed that Aphrodite was conceived from the ocean’s foam due to the genitals Ouranos (Oceanus), and took her place above it along with her two boys Eros (Cupid) and Himeros (Imeros). ยูฟ่าเบท and Homeric poetry describes Aphrodite as “gold-crowned beautiful, gorgeous and the ruler of all the sea-set Kypros Walled towns.”

Aphrodite can be found in a multitude of lovers, both mortal and gods. Ares is her most significant love interest and she can be found with him in a great many stories, paintings, and sculptures. They were also both married to Hephaestus God of Fire and working with metal, but that didn’t stop her from having a romantic relationship with men.

Aphrodite is also the mother of other children, besides her boys. Her children include the nymphs Hebe and Euphebe as the twin chariot-drivers of Hercules during his search for the Golden Fleece, and the titans from the Chthonic Age Hesperus as well as Phoebus. Aphrodite is depicted in old paintings featuring prostitutes.


Eros is the Greek god of love, lust and primal sexual desire. The Greek god Eros is the god of passion, love and sexual desire. Often associated with fertility and romantic power, He is frequently portrayed as the constant companion to his mother Aphrodite. He is the bearer of bows and arrows that symbolize love. He is also the specific guardian of love between homosexuals.

The most popular myth associated with Eros is the one about him and Psyche who was a normal girl who fell madly in love with him. They stayed the night in secret. However, Psyche was jealous of the sisters of her love. She attempted to figure out the identity of her lover. Eros was disgusted when she discovered her true lover’s name after she lit the candle. Psyche searched for Eros everywhere and was given tasks for her search. She was assisted by Demeter Hera and Athena.

Finally, she reached the Temple of Aphrodite and begged for her help in finding Eros. It was explained to her that she was only allowed to return Eros after completing a series of obligations. The tasks included offering sacrifices for the gods, as well as offering them gifts. Persephone was expected to receive a box containing eternal sleep.

Eros, in Greek art, is typically depicted with wings as one of the boys or young men. He is sometimes depicted with wings and is often depicted with the nymphs and Aphrodite. The bows, arrows and hare appear frequently with his. The arrows he shot made both heroes and mortals alike fall in the love.

Later on, the Romans took on Eros to their pantheon of Cupid. That’s why the Cherub with the chubby cheeks is an iconic representation of romantic love. The word “love” is derived from the Latin meaning of god and it’s only fitting that he has such an important role in our world of romance as well as relationships.


The ancient Greeks made use of a number of words to express the love. They distinguished between the two kinds of love: loving the person with whom you’re sharing relationship with love, or being in love with something different about the person. Eros was the most popular expression of romance however other terms were utilized, like the word storge, which was a reference to family love, agape which meant love between brothers or platonic love, philia that meant love between equals and xenia which was the love of hospitality.

Aphrodite is likewise known as the Goddess of Love, or illicit romantic love. Aphrodite assists star-crossed lovers reconnect. She is compassionate and will be a benevolent person to anyone who wronged her. Also, she protects those who she cherishes from other’s fury. Her symbol represents a one-way key.

There are numerous love stories associated with Aphrodite, and she had numerous affairs with gods and humans. She was a seductress that could charm and entice individuals. She was prone to seduction and would draw people in with the beauty and charm she displayed.

Their son Eros was the god of love and sexual desire, and he was frequently playful. He was a great fun with young men and women and caused them to fall in love, but the god also punished those who would not accept his love. Psyche was so stunning that, by chance, she drew the attention of Eros. Her punishment was be forced to work for hours in order to fulfill impossible tasks. At the end of the day, she was reunited with her loved ones.

Another one of the Aphrodite’s kids was Hedylogos, the god of sweet-talk and flattery. Hedylogos was also a member of Aphrodite’s retinue called the Erotes, and was typically depicted as being a handsome winged youth. Hedylogos was an admirer of handsome men and was known for his deceit.

Complement Sprites are the nymphs from Hedylogos that flatter people with compliments and affirmations. It was their ability to induce a sense of euphoria and make any within reach of them beg for what they provided. Hedylogos are found on a number of old Greek vases. One example is a pyxis adorned with an image of a red figure from in the fifth century BC.


The god’s son Hermes and Aphrodite, Hermaphroditus inherited both the sexual and beauty parts of each of his parents. The Nymph Salmacis when she saw Hermaphroditus swimming in the pool was infatuated with his beauty and asked for them to become one. It was believed that her wish was fulfilled by gods, and they created one being with male and feminine characteristics. Hermaphroditus is a female with the head, body and breasts of a female but has the phallus of male. Hermaphroditus often referred to gunandros, is the title given to intersex persons.

Hermaphroditus was one of the most popular subjects in Classical Greek and Roman art and Roman art, as evidenced by the number of statues which survive from the time. This is perhaps partly because Hermaphroditus blurs the lines between masculinity and femininity, an aspect that attracted men and women. The outwardly exposed penis, buttocks and genitals of Hermaphroditus create a fascinating viewing experience. The feminine shape of his body suggest a charming appeal.

This is why Hermaphroditus has been an emblem of intersex identification. In the modern era, many artists have used Hermaphroditos as a way to confront prejudice against intersex and gender nonconforming persons. Hermaphroditos have been used as an emblem of intersex but it has also caused confusion around the biology of intersex and has led to discrimination.

Though the Greeks were lenient towards those with different genders, the Romans were not. The upper classes of Romans often viewed people who were intersex with suspicion even despite Hermaphroditus has a huge following in the Roman people. This was further exacerbated by aspect that Cybele as well as the Hermaphroditus goddesses arrived in Rome in the midst of war. Roman society was in discord with the Greek culture from which they emerged.

Hermaphroditos or figures that had that were of two genders, were typically seen in the early Roman scenes alongside the male, animal, as well as female characters. Linnea Ashde asserts in her dissertation that Hermaphroditus as well as similar characters, like the maenads, pans, and the other scenes from the era, reveal the way Romans viewed people who had two sexual characteristics and their relationships with the genders they believed in.

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